Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Born Pretty Review- Swarovski Flatback Clear Crystals

Review time!!!

Daisy from Born Pretty Store had me choose some more product to review.  I decided to go a little crazy (for me) and review Swarovski Flatback Clear Crystals.  Due to me being a picker I rarely use nail art that can easily be picked off.  Good news though...I didn't pick these off!   They were itty bitty which is great for me. After awhile I didn't even realize they were on there.

I don't have a special picker upper for placing these on my nails. What I do is dip an orange stick in a little bit of top coat, let it dry for a couple seconds then use it to pick up the stones.  It works pretty darn good!

If your interested in buying some of these yourself please feel free to use my coupon code NADL91 to receive 10% off.  You can also find this code on my side bar


  1. the crystals make the look compleet

  2. This is super elegant and classy - love it!

  3. The special picker upper is hard to use, I end up flinging gems across the room, picture chopsticks and dimes....ya hard work! This is so blingy and classy and sassy with the red!!


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