Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Julep -February Box

Hello Folks!

I haven't posted a Julep box in a while now.  Truth be told I skipped a couple.  I've not been a fan of the finishes in the past couple months(crackle, suede etc.). I like to stick with plain old creme finish nail polish

I went with the 'It Girl' box because they said there was a holographic. Awesome right?!...not so much
It claims 'Rebel' is a sliver holographic.  When I think of holographic I'm thinking  Nfu Oh.  I felt kind of cheated. I totally disagree that this is a holographic

C'est la vie! :oP

  • Joan: Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer
  • Rebel: Silver holographic
  • Marion: Smoky blue with silver shimmer


  1. Oh it's a holo...just a weak one. Very weak. I have Indie's that have more holo than Rebel! When I swatched it, I could only see the holo effect in indirect lighting, which we all know you have to go out of your way to get into! I just bought a few Nfu Oh holos and compared to them Rebel is utter poo. Joan and Marion are pretty though, so not a total waste. Probably the best Julep box I've received in awhile, although still not very inspired. It's like Julep is years behind, right?

  2. Joan is a pretty Raspberry - lovely mani!

  3. I haven't jumped on the julep bandwagon, don't think I will. I want to pick my own damn polishes dammit!! Holo or not, great job!


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