Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's Purple Day! -Epilepsy Awareness

Today is PURPLE DAY!  It's also my last day for my Epilepsy Awareness posts.  I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, support and contributions.  It means the world to me.
I've posted all the pictures of my purple thumbs below along with the links if you would like to go back and read up on Epilepsy

Once again thank you all!

 Creativity and Epilepsy                       

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Scary Calm-Epilepsy Awareness

Tomorrow is Purple Day!!! If possible try to wear something purple in support of epilepsy awareness!

Once again I was researching on the web for a subject to write today.  Like the dummy I am I decided to read up on epilepsy and mortality. Stupid stupid me!  I'm not going to get into that because it's a little too freaky for me.   I will however tell one last story about a seizure and a life changing moment.

When I was around 25 I was having seizures all the time.  I've always been very lucky to be around people to take care of me.  This has not stopped me from getting black eyes,bloody noes, bumps on the head (broken nails. lol).  However I always had someone to take care of me afterwards.  This time I was living alone in an apartment.  I woke up from a seizure on the floor.  I could not move at all and was freezing.  There was a carpet on the floor that I was able to pull over me to keep warm.  Once I gathered enough strength I was able to crawl across the room to call my mom.  Sad huh?
After that seizure I knew my body could not go through it again. The weirdest feeling I've ever experienced is that calm in knowing that I may not survive the next one.
Well I didn't have another seizure again for over a year.  It was almost like my body was telling my brain, no more, let her rest!  I will never forget that feeling for the rest of my life....

Today the lovely Jacki from Adventures in Acetone sent me her purple mani.  I have to say this girl seems sooooo sweet.  I'm sure you all are following her already but if not....you should! She is so talented and she makes the cutest nails.  I love her There's a zoo on my nails mani

Friday, 22 March 2013

Epilepsy & Creativity- Epilepsy Awareness Month

Happy Friday folks!

I was searching the web trying to find something to post for Epilepsy Awareness.  Often I come by the subjects of 'epilepsy and creativity' and 'epilepsy and genius'. It's a debate on the genius aspect but as far as creativity there is alot more evidence.

The best way to describe what is going on in the brain during a seizure is a sort of electrical storm.  It's almost as though this electrical activity brings to life or activates parts of the brain.  During a seizure you can see how it physically effects the body but it also effects our sense perceptions, memory, emotion, creativity....everything. Many have claimed to see this in themselves and others.

Someday we will know for sure. It's a fact that a seizure effects the whole brain. Just because we can't see the emotional or sensory effects does not mean they aren't there.

Head on over to Nicole Gets Nailed to see her weekly purple post in support of ME :)  Ya just gotta love this girl!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lavender Ribbon- Epilepsy Awarness

As most of you have probably noticed all of my awareness posts have been me holding a lavendar ribbon. I found a cool description at www.purpleday.org/ and why lavender is such a perfect fit for those with epilepsy

 The  international colour for epilepsy, lavender. The lavender flower is also often associated with solitude, which is representative of the feelings of isolation many people affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders often feel. 

Check out more about purple day at www.purpleday.org/

I have yet another purple mani from Pierced Polished and Probably Geeky
Thank you!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A not so attractive seizure -Epilepsy Awareness Month

I was not quite sure what to do for today's Epilepsy awareness post so I decided to go with another story.

I've always kept an upbeat attitude about having epilepsy.  My family, friends and I joke around about it.  We all know the severity but it helps to keep happy!

This was the first seizure my husband witnessed.  It was the morning as most of mine are.  I was once again in the bathroom and fell into the hall way.  Not only did I fall in to the hall way but also right in to the cats litter box!! It was not so much of a face plant right into it as it was hitting the side and causing it to flip.  We joke about it now but at the time he was devastated.  I remember waking up on the floor with his head laying right beside me.  I was so heartbroken to see him. He had the biggest alligator tears pouring out of his eyes. It was pretty touching to say the least

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Thank you for your Support-Epilepsy Awareness

I want to thank all of you for your purple mani's and comments so far.  I decided to leave my thumb out for the day and just show the pictures I've received recently.

Their is such a huge stigma associated with epilepsy which causes most people affected to keep it to themselves.  I wanted to educate people on this but I have to tell you I've been schooled myself :o)

A lot of the comments people have made are to say they know someone with epilepsy.  Not to get mushy or anything but it has touched my heart.  I didn't realize how alone I felt about having epilepsy because I have no one to relate to.  The fact is I do and they are just in hiding.  With the help of all of you were making it known that this is something more common than people think.  The misconceptions have to be corrected so none of us have to be embarrassed any longer

So thank you to all for opening my eyes that even though I'm not alone I feel alone.  So lets change that! This series of awareness posts may not be much....but it something!

First up a dried flower purple mani from the lovely Fairly Charming.  I have to say that I have never seen dried flowers looking this good on a mani.  She is so talented. Make sure to go check her out 

 Up next the brandspankin new to blogging  UKNailRunner.  I'm using two of her purple mani's which are equally awesome.  Please go have a look see at  UKNailRunner.

...and of course my lil' buddy Nicole gets Nailed. She is doing a purple mani for me every Wednesday.  Her totally rad manicures and pretty hilarious personality makes her a must follow blog

And last but definitely not least.....Me,Myself & Polish.  She does a bit of everything which is so awesome.   I'm loving her holographic and nail stamping. Check it out here

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seizure Response Dogs- Epilepsy Awareness

I thought I would give a shout out to all those amazing seizure response dogs out there!  We mostly see service dogs working for the blind but service dogs are used for so much more.  I remember seeing a seizure response dog shortly after I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  At that time I was not a dog lover though....shocking , I know!

A little short story about my old dog.

I had a hound mix that would run away if you dropped his leash. It was so annoying but my fancy seizure tricks changed that habit of his!  One morning I woke up and was feeling horrible. I looked at my hands and arms and I was all muddy and dirty. I asked my boyfriend what happened and he said I must of had a seizure. Apparently I took my dog outside in the morning had a seizure and got back in somehow.  I was amazed that he didn't run away. There was no way I would of held on to his leash.  When I felt better I went outside to check it out.  It was very apparent where I had it in the snow. There were no paw prints showing him walking away. From that day on he followed me everywhere. I got up, he got up. I went to the bathroom, he came with me.  etc. etc. etc

It's amazing how intuitive our furry friends are.

For this thumb I took the inspiration from the vests seizure response dogs where. Typically they are yellow with some holographic pieces.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Seizure Story'The F-Bomb' - Epilepsy Awareness

Story time!!! 
I had said I would tell you about a couple seizures I had that have always stood out to me.  Today's will be about the very first time I heard my mom say F**K! 
I'm never aware until after my seizure that I've had one.  In this one instance I knew it was happening(at least at the beginning).  It was the worse feeling I have ever experienced.  I was brushing my hair in the bathroom when I felt my body start to shutter. My heart was racing because I had not control over my body.  I must of walked out to the hall a bit and fell. That is when I heard my mom drop the F bomb.  She then called my brother.  I swear I was telling her 'it's okay mommy I will be ok'.  (heartbreaking).  The next thing I knew I was in my bed.  I can't imagine what its like to see a loved one go through something like that.  Most of the time it's not me I worry about, it's the people who love me that have to witness it.  

It makes me giggle now but also makes me kind of sad.  I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life

Now on to my wonderful supporters!  If you are not already following these lovely ladies please click on the links. They have amazing skills and beautiful nails of course.  
Thank you so much to those who have supported me so far.  I welcome more from the same people as well as others!

Jule at Lackfein

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Support Me....Support Epilepsy Awaerness!

 Hi All

As per my other posts I`m asking all to send me photos of your purple manis to support epilepsy awareness. I`d love to post them to show how many people care for this cause.  Even if its an old post or photo from your blog/facebook/pinterest/instagram...whatever.   If it has purple I'll take it! I will put links in to direct people to whatever type of social media you want

By buddy over at Nicole Gets Nailed allowed me to use this sucker!  I love love love it...and her of course ;)   If your not already following her you have to!

I have another photo from you. This lovely lady is brand spanking new to the blogging world so keep an eye out for her  Pierced,Polished and Probably Geeky

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Canine Epilepsy

I received some comments on my last post that some peoples dogs have epilepsy. I thought I would recognize our four  legged buddies.

Apparently canine epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in dogs. Studies suggest that nearly 4% of dogs have epilepsy in which 14% of purebreds are affected. I’m not sure how accurate this is but I found it on a couple different sites.

I can’t imagine my dogs having to deal with that.  They mean the world to mean and it would crush me each time they had a seizure.  It kind of brings in to perspective how my parents felt every time I had a seizure.  You just never know what will happen.  I guess you just have to hope for the best and that they will come out of it

Email me your purple nails or just thumb so I can post on my blog.  Help support Epilepsy Awareness

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Epilepsy Facts!

Today for Epilepsy Awareness month I have some facts for you!!! Exciting ,I know 

All information is from Epilepsy Canada so check it out if you would like to learn more!

not sure why this picture looks kind of stretched...sorry :oP

Information from Epilepsy Canada

  • Epilepsy is a physical condition characterized by sudden, brief changes in how the brain works. It is a symptom of a neurological disorder - a disorder that affects the brain and shows itself in the form of seizures.
  • Epilepsy is a disorder, not a disease; it is not contagious.
  • Approximately 0.6% of the Canadian population has epilepsy. This includes those who take anticonvulsant drugs or who had a seizure within the past 5 years.
  • Due to the stigma surrounding epilepsy and the prejudice with which society has historically treated people with epilepsy, many with the disorder are reluctant to admit it or to seek treatment. Thus the prevalence of epilepsy is likely much higher.
  • Each day in Canada, an average of 42 people learn that they have epilepsy.
  • Each year an average of 15,500 people learn they have epilepsy; 44% are diagnosed before the age of 5, 55% before the age of 10, 75-85% before age 18 and 1% of children will have recurrent seizures before age 14. 1.3% are over the age of 60. This means that about 60% of new patients are young children and senior citizens.
  • In approximately 50% of cases of childhood epilepsy, seizures disappear completely.
  • In 50 - 60% of cases, the cause of epilepsy is unknown. In the remainder, the following causes are most common:
    • brain tumour and stroke
    • head trauma of any type. The more severe the injury, the greater the chance of developing epilepsy
    • injury, infection, or systemic illness of the mother during pregnancy
    • brain injury to the infant during delivery may lead to epilepsy
    • aftermath of infection (meningitis, viral encephalitis)
    • poisoning, from substance abuse of alcoholism
  • Events that may trigger seizures include:
    • Stress
    • Poor nutrition
    • Missed medication
    • Flickering lights
    • Skipping meals
    • Illness, fever and allergies
    • Lack of sleep
    • Emotions such as anger, worry, fear and others
    • Heat and/or humidity
  • The major form of treatment is long-term drug therapy. Drugs are not a cure and can have numerous, sometimes severe, side effects.
  • Brain surgery is recommended only when medication fails and when the seizures are confined to one area of the brain where brain tissue can be safely removed without damaging personality or function.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Thumbs up to Epilepsy Awarness-Myths of Epilepsy

Hi folks!
Another purple thumb for you today in support of Epilepsy awareness month.  Please remember to email me your purple manis so I can post within my post. nailnarcotics@gmail.com

Below I have written down a couple myths/misconceptions about Epilepsy.  There is a huge stigma when it comes to Epilepsy. I think every person with epilepsy gets a little pissed when people make ridiculous assumptions

MYTH :You can swallow your tongue while having a seizure.  
For those of you who took biology or have a tongue of your own you will notice that its connected to the bottom of your mouth.(if you sense sarcasm its because I'm laying it on pretty thick)

MYTH: People with Epilepsy are disabled
 People with Epilepsy have the same range of intelligence and abilities as everyone else.  Physically and mentally we are no different!

MYTH: Epilepsy is a disease
 Epilepsy is chronic medical condition. You can not catch it

MYTH:  You can’t die from epilepsy 
You can! Prolonged seizures can result in death. 

I received an email from Zana at NailCrazy with her lovely purple mani. Go check it out!!!

Friday, 1 March 2013


Hi All

March is Epilepsy awareness month here in Canada.  Being epileptic myself this year I thought I would get involved and give back

I’ve started to volunteer at my local epilepsy support centre.  So far I’ve just started pining ribbons like the one in my photo. It's harder than you think. The ribbon is really thick!!  I plan on having a pinning party with my family.  There just going to love that!

March 26th is International Purple Day.  Countries around the world join in supporting the cause by wearing purple.  Upon my visit to get started with volunteering I learnt that there is something that totally pertains to me on that day(other than epilepsy) ‘Thumbs up for Epilepsy Awarness’.  All you have to do is paint your thumb purple!  Awesome right??

 For the next month I will only be posting purple manicures along with some Epilepsy facts and maybe some stories. I have not decided if I will be taking full manicure pictures or just thumbs. Suggestions?

What I ask of  you is to  paint your nails (or thumbs) purple and  send me a pick at nailnarcotics@gmail.com.  As I get them I will post within my daily posts. If you have a link to a blog or facebook page I will make sure to add it. 
Help me support a cause so close to my heart!

Love ya all