Friday, 12 October 2012

Dreaming of Mango Dots

Happy Friday World! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Even though it was a short work week I'm so happy its almost over.

I have a little dotticure for you today.  I think I'm most impressed with the photo quality and sunlit nails.  My new-to-me camera did a wonderful job.  I'm still trying to get use to it and all the functions. I haven't been able to take a picture this nice since.  I'm blaming it on the cloudy sky. 

I used two coats of Revlon's 'Dreamer' over the entire nail.  For the dots I used Revlon's 'Mad about Mango' and FingerPaint's black.  I like how striking black looks on lighter colours.


  1. I LOVE the way the orange and black dots look against the light blue background. Great job!

  2. I want that blue - how was the coverage??

  3. Does mad about mango smell of mangoes? LOL! I read somewhere it did but no one else has mention it :S ?

    Lovely Mani!

    Jazz x

    1. It sure does! Gives me a little of a headache :(

  4. I love dots... this dotticure is gorgeous!
    Rock ur Nails!

  5. I would never have thought that orange and black would look so nice over a light blue! Very pretty!

  6. Pretty cool! I like dots so much but never tough to make them like that :)



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