Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Inspired by a Christmas Decoration

Hi Strangers!

Nothing to fancy for you today. I was looking around at my Christmas decorations and this little guy caught my eye.  I knew it wouldn't be too difficult so I gave it a go!  Hope you all like!

I'd like to apologize....yet again for the lack of posts.  Come December 27th I'm sure I'll be back up and running.  This month is always full of the crazies

Friday, 7 December 2012

Buddy The Elf, what's your favourite colour?

I'd like to start off with saying I have already watched Elf twice.  It has to be my favourite Christmas movie. Will Ferrell is hilarious in it!  So obviously I had to do mani based on him.  I've actually seen quite a few around the blogisphere and Pinterest. This is my version :)

I wish he had stripped tights like most elves but no such luck.  I was able to recreate the gold stitching on his jacket with one of my Cheeky plates.  These plates do not have numbers. All I know it's one of six jumbo size plates.  I waited nearly 2 months to get them in then didn't use them for another week. I was kind of pissy they took so long

Hope you all enjoy and make sure to watch Elf at least one time this Christmas season.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Ornament Inspired Nails

Hey Buddies!

I have my first Christmas nails for you.  Although I'm not a big red with green fan I knew I had to do at least one.  I decided to use an ornament for my inspiration.  This is the only red and green ornament I have on my tree so it was not a difficult decision.

The full nail is in Julep's 'Delaunay'.  Its a beautiful rich red creme that unfortunately is almost gone :(.  The gold is Quo by Orly's 'Filthy Rich'.  This bottle is also getting pretty low. I think a new one will be required soon especially during the holiday season. I then used some green glitter to recreate the sequins on the ornaments.

Hope you enjoy