Thursday, 24 January 2013

Accent Polka Dots

Good Morning All

I've been a little (or alot) absent lately.  I've found that there has been so much going on that I really have not had time to devote to my nails or blog.  A change is coming though.  Although I have been doing my nails they just have not been interesting.  I had a sort of epiphany last night.  Instead of changing all my nails everyday or every other day I could just change one.  I've decided a great way to do this is by just changing an accent nail.  It's a great time saver and I can still have fun and enjoy a new look everyday.

So without further a due here is my first accent nail with Gosh's 'Lamada'.  Tomorrow hopefully I will have another for you!
My computer is still not working which leaves me only my camera to take pictures.  It's very frustrating for me because I'm not a fan of the pictures.  Hopefully within a month I can get that darn computer up and working again

Thanks all for sticking by me!

Friday, 4 January 2013

I'm Still Here!

I'm back!!! It's been nearly a month.  To be quite honest I didn't even realize it was that long. The month of December is always so so busy.  The mani I have for you today is from the vault. I have been doing my nails but unfortunately I can't get my pictures on the computer. My power cord is dead and I need a replacement.

Hope you enjoy this old mani.  I just wanted to pop in and say I haven't gone anywhere.  Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon
Love you all for sticking with me