Friday, 30 November 2012

Last mani before the Xmas nails began...

A Happy Friday to you all!

It's been a couple days.  Tis the season though. I'm soooo excited to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow.  It's a pre lit Christmas tree so it can be a pain plugging in to the proper parts.  It has a bunch of different functions so if you don't get it in to the right socket it does not work properly. I've tried labelling them but it still gets screwy.  I plan on assembling tonight then decorating tomorrow. The last thing I want is to get all pissed off and crazy. This combined with the dogs trying to steal ornaments will drive me nuts.

Anywhoo enough about my upcoming frustrations and excitement. Today I have none other than a dotted manicure.  Nothing too fancy but the dots calm me.  Tomorrow is the first so start expecting Christmas nails!!!  YIPEEEEE!!!


  1. LOVE these! I've already started on my Christmas nails.... oops :) Haha this is totally gorgeous tho! :D

  2. The dots look so perfect! Love the colors you used. :)

  3. these are cute! i love dotticures :)

  4. Oh I didn't realize that the pre lit trees are such a pain. At least your nails look super great!

  5. I love this, Becca!

    I love it HUGELY!

    Reminds me of holiday wrapping paper!

    Forget the tree...trim the house in manicures!



  6. Very cute and nice colour combination :)


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