Tuesday 4 September 2012

Giveaway/Challenge Time!!!!- CLOSED



I promised a giveaway so here it is! 

When I took the poll on how I should do this I think most were interested in doing a contest.  I’m so happy because that’s what I wanted.  What nail art enthusiast wouldn’t want a bunch of people doing nail art for them! 

The theme will be food!....anything goes!  My husband is a chef so I figured it would be a great theme and he could help out with the judging! I will not be judging myself.  Both my sister-in-law and husband will be doing the judging. If they can’t decide on a winner then I suppose I’ll have to go buy a second prize ;os

 I’m not saying you have to paint  steak and potatoes on your nails.  It can be inspired by any food.  For example if it is inspired by an orange you can paint your fingers orange and just add some seeds.  Pretty easy peasy
There is no rules as far as what you can use. If you want to stamp it, be my guest. I will however let the judges know whether it’s free hand, stamped, decal etc. etc.  How they want to incorporate it into their judging is up to them.I will not get involved in that part.  (hint: my sister-in-law is a crafter so she loves a little talent). Also if it is inspired by food I will let them know the type of food.

Additional rules:
·         You must be a follower of Nail Narcotics! 
·         Post title must contain ‘Nail Narcotics Giveaway challenge’
·         When posting your entry on your blog please make sure you have a link to this post.
·         Post blog link in comment section below or email to nailnarcotics@gmail.com
·         Due date is Saturday September 29th(or at least when I get up in the morning on Sunday. I’m an early riser)

Contest is open internationally.  It will be sent Canada Post so patience would be required for those across the ocean!

Now on to the fun part…..the prize!!! I’ve purchased these all myself.   Photos don't do the product justice so google if you would like a better idea of the product

Incoco pedicure real nail polish strips. Purchased from Incoco website

Revlon Brilliant strength in 'Hypnotize'(I think. It's at home and I'm at work) and Essie Lux effects in 'Shine of the Times'. Purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart

Konad double sided stamp and scraper. Konad image plate in M19(french tip). Purchased on Kijiji



  1. This sounds fun! I want to try it!

  2. Can I have the bowl thingy too? That is when I win - oops or if I win.....what's your hubby's fave food???

    1. Sorry Scott said no to the bowl. Apparently it's important because his mom gave it to us for our wedding. Stupid reason eh...

      I asked him what his favorite food was and it turned into a 20 minute conversation between him , his brother and me..... I have no idea.
      He did say if he could only have one meal for the rest of his life it would be steak,roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. His bro's is poutine. lol

    2. LOL!! Hmmmm, gives me some good ideas!!

  3. Ohhhh nice I am getting my game plan together, will submit soon!

  4. mmmm... difficult to decide which food fits the best on my nails, I'm going to think about it very hard!

  5. I did McDonalds nails - http://nailedit1.blogspot.co.nz/2012/09/vampire-nail-art-my-mcdonalds-entry-for.html. You'll have to scroll past the first part though sorry, I combined two manis in that post!

  6. I love the theme will give it a try :))))

  7. Hi there. I am happy to let you know I have posted my entry to your food themed nail art challenge.

    I present my yummy Blueberries in Blueberry Milk. I hope you enjoy them !



  8. Here is a link to my entry :)


  9. This is my participation... Sorry for posting it a bit late... I hate Internet issues the past days... Hope you like it :)

  10. Better late than never....not a new one, but fits the bill!! Sorry to Mr. Narcotics for not having my sh*t together to get your steak and potatoes done!!



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