Friday, 9 November 2012

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Flag

I'm pretty impressed with myself.  I have a challenge post on the actual day it's due.  What's this world coming to!

Today's challenge is 'Inspired by a Flag'.  This is always so difficult.  There is no way I can create a maple leaf on my nail for the Canadian flag. I'm very proud to be Canadian so it kind of sucks.  Someone needs to come out with a maple leaf stamp.  So instead of doing my Country's flag I decided on my Province.....Ontario.

I've posted the picture of the Ontario flag below the picture of my nails.   If your wondering why the Union Jack is in there it's because Canada is part of the Commonwealth of Nations (which is mainly comprised of former British colonies that are now independent states).  If your interested Wikipedia can help you out.  The Queen is on all of our coins and our 20 dollar bill.

Anywhoo enough history.  Once again I went with the 'inspired by' technique.  I used parts of the Union Jack on all my nails.   For the accent nail I chose to use the the three golden maple leafs from the Ontario Shield of Arms.  I figured it would be okay to use the dotter to make these as it was so small.

Although this may not be the best it was all freehand. No tape, no nothing.  :)

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  1. love it! Great freehand work girl!

  2. This is great - I think you've represented the flag perfectly :) And your lines are so clean considering you didn't use tape! Although that being said, I think I actually make more of a mess with tape...

  3. This is free handed?! SHUT UP! It's fantastic :)

  4. I think this looks great! I love your accent nail!

  5. nice work! :) these turn out great!

  6. Wow. Perfectly executed, Nicole. Damn fine job! I can't come close, even with miles of tape. Nowhere close.

    Love it.


  7. The lines are so crisp and perfect! Amazing!

  8. This looks really old. I love it that you used just parts of the Union Jack for each nail. Looks really unique xx

  9. Very well done. Looks really nice.


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