Sunday, 28 October 2012

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Movie

Morning all!

So I went  3 days of no posts! I'm feeling pretty darn guilty about it too.  My plan was to dedicate a lot of my time yesterday to my nails and take pictures.  That didn't work out. :(
I had a seizure yesterday(I have epilepsy) and that pretty much screws me for the rest of the day.  My body was so sore and worn out.  Were talking barely able to move.  My mom took care of me for awhile so that really helped. I still have an insanely bad headache tonight and my neck hurts like hell. 
I'm not sure what will happen these next couple days as far as posts.  The weather is still extremely dark for photos and I'm having troubles looking down to see my nails.  Fun stuff eh?!

On to the nails....Finding Nemo!!!! Yayyyy  Can you guess what nail is based on which character?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your seizure I hope you feel better really soon!! :( I love your nail art and Finding Nemo is like my favorite movie!!! Hmm let's see.. your pointer is squirt? Your middle is Nemo, your ring is Dory, and your pinky is jellyfishes!!! Amazing job on this mani! Love it :)

  2. Don't apologize, it's your blog - and after all life and illness is things that is sliiiightly more important :)
    I love your mani, b.t.w. :)

  3. Take care of yourself <3 Your nails totally look fantastic though, I wish I could name them all. The Dory nail is my favourite =P

  4. oh no :/
    you don't have to feel guilty at all - your blog is just a hobby. you and your health should always be in first place. take your time off whenever you need it. i hope you feel better soon!
    love the turtle nail ;)

  5. guilty? no need hun! hope you feel better soon dear. I love the nails, Finding Nemo is one of the cutest movies ever. ^.^

  6. Doood that sucks, your health shit, not your mani!! Fricken epilepsy, doesn't it know you have nails to paint 8/o!! We'll all be here until your back, well I will be considering I'm your number one fan, so take the time to look after you!!!

  7. Your mani is phenomenal! Jaw dropping. Clever and creative. Get better. Hugs.


  8. Sorry to hear about your poor health :( I hope you recover quickly and are feeling better soon!

    This is such a cute mani! A great representation of characters :)

  9. Ugh, that sucks! So sorry you're feeling like poo. I know that having a seizure can take it's tole on you, my step-daughter has epilepsy she had 2 seizures in one day last week alone. I really hope you get to feeling better soon.

  10. Oh wow, I hope you feel better!
    This mani is fantastic though!

  11. Please don't feel guilty for not posting. I hope you are feeling better! And when I saw inspired by a movie I immediately looked at the picture to see if I could guess correctly, and I did!


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