Sunday, 30 September 2012

Giveaway/Challenge winner...Nicole Gets Nailed

And the winner is...................................

This was such a tough competition.  I ended up getting 10 entries via blog posts and emails.  I'm so glad I was not the judge on this because I could not have picked.  I've posted three other entrants photo's below.  I could not go without posting them.  If you aren't already following these fine ladies.....THEN DO IT! 

This is Nicole's entry.  I think what impressed the judges is the detail.  Most people looking at nail art pictures don't realize how tiny the designs are until they look at the size of there own nails. Pretty tiny canvas! I think I agreed with my husband to the 'food' theme because I knew I would get little pictures :) I cannot free hand at all. At least this gave me the opportunity to showcase some on my blog.

I love all of these so so much.  I wish everyone could of won :(  Next time I think I will do the draw because this is just so darn difficult.  I'm crossing my fingers that these fine ladies will do a guest post for me sometime.
So I love tiny cute stuff and this fits perfectly into that category.  I love everything about it. Who wouldn't like happy vegetables....and the chef?.....A-MAZ-ING.
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What I loved with this one was the shading and technique in the blueberries. Very artistic.  She is just amazing.
A must follow
This one is crazy wicked.  Look how perfect those arches are!!!!
You must go check out all her designs. Very talented lady


  1. Well done Nicole :D these are all fantastic! I'm glad I didn't enter.... mine would have paled in comparison. Ha!

  2. Congratulations to Nicole and all the girls! Thanks for the dedication in your blog... and for the fun! LOVED the theme of your challenge! Hope in the future to have more fun together...
    BIG hug! XOXO

    1. Thank you sooo much. I can't believe how amazing you girls did

  3. Yay I got a special mention! :D Thanks! And congrats to Nicole, that sushi detail is amazing. Also - I clicked on the link to my site but it went to OPI -yum instead, could you possibly fix that?

  4. Wow, these are all great! Congratulations Nicole Gets Nailed, Dreamy MM Nails and Nailed it in NZ! I enjoyed the competition with you amazing artists.

    Thank you to NailNarcotics for the motivation to paint my nails with those blueberries! This was an awesome challenge, I would love to do that again sometime - I kept coming up with more food ideas!

    I know it must be hard to pick a winner! I may have to choose one for my contest if I get more than the one entry I currently have for my Halloween Scariest Nail Polish Contest. I am relieved to have help from the staff here at my blog too!

    Are you feeling better today?

    Thanks again for this challenge, it was super fun!

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Oh yeah, and thank you for the nice comments about my blog here too.

    You are pretty amazing yourself and a must follow for me. I have become hooked on NailNarcotics.

    You are making my day!


  6. oh my those are all great! congrats to the winner! :)

  7. Congratulations to Nicole, this mani is sooo cool.
    But the other 3 shown are amazing too :)


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