Monday, 24 September 2012

September Julep Maven Mystery Box


Today I have my review of my September Julep maven Mystery box.  This is the first one I’ve bought so my 3rd box to date.  The mystery boxes come out once and awhile. Just like the others its $19.99 but you can receive anywhere from $60 to $200 worth of product. 

 I was waiting on mine to arrive so had to search the web to see what other people received.  There was actually quite a bit of hoopla about the whole deal.  Apparently a lot of people got less than $60 worth of product. Looks like mine was worth $56.00. I read that when someone contacted Julep they said the little reusable bag was worth $5.00. Obviously that’s not true but I think that enough people complained that they won’t be making the same mistake again. Forgive and forget ;)

As per usual I decided to make a manicure out of just Julep nail polish.  This is my first attempt at doing a needle design(is that what it's called?).  I did my full nail in Eva I then added dots in the same colour as well as the blue.  I think this is the mystery colour because it did not have a name.  Then I took my trusty safety pin and made some swirls. I’m for sure doing this again.  It was pretty fun!

Did anyone else get the mystery box? 

From right to left. Jennifer(a pale sheer pink), Eva(deep raspberry creme), Mystery colour (blue shimmer), Portia(blue glitter)

This picture does not do the colours justice.  I tried taking it in my light box I made.  No matter what the pictures are very poor quality when I use it. Any suggestions to make the lighting more natural?

If your not already a Maven the get off your behind and do it!!
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  1. I like all the polish colours and I think the pink with the blue manicure looks awesome :)

  2. This looks like you stamped it!! Very pretty! I'm too cheap for Julep and I like to pick the polish I like, not just have one sent to me....

  3. Needle design sounds interesting, I'll have to keep that in mind. I love the swirls!

  4. Your nails look great! I've been passing on all of my julep boxes lately...:( not too much unique stuff!

  5. I like this man ALOT! The colors worked beautifully together. Very pretty.

    I'm kinda "meh" about Julep. The few colors I have are lovely, and the formulas quite nice, but I'm turned off the Maven program and it's bundling of colors. I'd order monthly if they'd let me choose my own colors. Instead, I keep passing, month after month. The last two months, I considered spending $50 to get that month's entire collection. Just so I could get he colors I thought I might like. Sanity prevailed.


  6. It looks beautiful! Great idea to work with a needle.

  7. It's a very pretty mani, lovely color combination too!!

  8. I like that nail design!

  9. The pink and blue mani is soooo pretty.

  10. So funny and pretty! Well done!


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