Friday, 14 September 2012

Julep Maven September 'It Girl' Box


I'm so excited to finally share with you guys my September Julep Maven Box.  I was waiting to post until I received my free polish so I could do it all in one post.  I have to say I'm loving these boxes!  It's only my second but so far so good!
I decided to go with the It girl box again.  As I mentioned in my last Julep post I'm not actually an 'It Girl'....but my nails are.  Below is just something fun I did up so you could see all the colours.  The swatches are below.

Obviously the blue is my favourite!! I was able to pick one extra from the whole collection and this was without a doubt the one I was choosing. 

See swatches below!!!

Left to Right: Otte, Delaunay, Gunta and Alma)

Left to Right: Alma, Delaunay, Otte and Gunta)

If your not already a Maven the get off your behind and do it!!
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  1. Otte is not "my" color, but the others are very nice - thanks for sharing!

  2. Honestly, I found the September box extremely underwhelming. I was disappointed I referred two friends to get it, especially compared to July's glitterbomb boxes. These colours are DEFINITELY a lot better on you than they are on me!

  3. ohhh man I LOVE that blue. I am in such a blue mood lately, especially bright saturated blues like that. I really like that cute lil design on that ring fingah too!

  4. I'm really loving that blue! It looks amazing!

  5. I'm really excited to be a Julep maven now!!! I can't wait for my first box!! Love the colors!! <3

  6. Nice blue!

  7. Delaunay is beautiful. Red is always fancy on the nails I think.

  8. I am loving the accent nail you did with the blue, your dotticures are always so fun!

  9. Hey there,

    I am loving your accent nail! What tools did you use to get that look?

    Julep Maven Team
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