Monday, 29 October 2012

Born Pretty Review: Double Sided Stamper and Water Decals

Hi All

I'm slowly coming around and getting back to my normal self.  I'm very tired (and disappointed) though.  Oh well c'est lat vie!

Today I have another Born Pretty review for you.  I chose to test both the double sided stamp with scraper and butterfly water decals.

I'm happy to say the double sided stamper worked wonderfully. I did have to rough it up a bit first with my emery board.  The scraper I chose not to use.  I prefer using an old gift card to prevent scratching my plates.

I was a little quick to apply the top coat as seen on my middle finger.  This had nothing to do with the stamp though

The butterfly water decals took a little more skills.  It took me a couple tries to get it just right.  With time and practice I'm sure it will get easier. As you can see I this one is not a butterfly but it is from the same sheet.

Pardon the pictures.  I had to take these inside. Does anyone have any more tips as far as taking indoor pictures? I've made my light box but the pictures still look like very bad quality. Drives me nuts

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  1. I love Born Pretty. I swear by them!

    Indoor photos are a pain. It took me forever to get it right but I never take any outdoor shots anymore, especially since I polish at night. Does your camera have a manual mode? there are some settings you can tweak to get great shots. Lighting is the big pain, I use a daylight bulb since Flash washes out my color and regular bulbs cast yellow. Even then, I had to play with my white balance setting alot in order to compensate for yellow and blue casts, etc. It's a pain, but once you get it, it takes away the pressure of having a nice sunny day for swatches!

  2. I love the red with black stamping :)

  3. Great stamping! I'm STILL trying to get the hang of this :p

  4. I love what you've done with your nails, both of them.


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