Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ice Truck Killer Nails

Happy Halloween everyone!

My mom and I went to Ikea in Ottawa today so as soon as I got home I raced to get these nails done.  My best friend called me while I was there and told me I had to do the Ice Truck Killer nails from Dexter.  So voila!  This is for you Nicole ;)

I decided to add on a little blood splatter.  Unfortunately I still can't do the splatter technique so its placed on with a dotter.  I had to use my camera phone for this but it gave me the opportunity to give the photo a spookier look.


  1. Ahh my fiance watches dexter and although I don't I caught some bits of the first series! Looks awesome!

    Jazz x

  2. It looks pretty real - well done :)

  3. oh brilliant Dexter ice truck killer nails! :) love these!

  4. Good idea adding the blood splatter on top!! I love Dexter!

  5. Dexter's my home skillet biscuit!!!!!! Did you check your spam?!? Someone, whose blog I am commenting on right now may have won one of the prizes from my giveaway......

  6. Those nails look so nice! I still haven't tried the splatter technique, but I think it's soooo beautiful!
    I've created an english version of my blog and would be very honored if you could come check it out and follow it as well! I think now it will be easier for people to follow in both languages without having to ready long and heavy posts! ;-)
    Have a great day!

  7. Well, Nicole, you sure warmed the heart of this big time Dexter fan here!

    I LOVE 'EM!!!!

    Great fun!


  8. This manicure is awesome, I love it! I am also a big fan of Dexter and absolutely LOVE that you brought him into my nail polish world! :-)

    Thanks for sharing



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