Monday, 25 March 2013

A Scary Calm-Epilepsy Awareness

Tomorrow is Purple Day!!! If possible try to wear something purple in support of epilepsy awareness!

Once again I was researching on the web for a subject to write today.  Like the dummy I am I decided to read up on epilepsy and mortality. Stupid stupid me!  I'm not going to get into that because it's a little too freaky for me.   I will however tell one last story about a seizure and a life changing moment.

When I was around 25 I was having seizures all the time.  I've always been very lucky to be around people to take care of me.  This has not stopped me from getting black eyes,bloody noes, bumps on the head (broken nails. lol).  However I always had someone to take care of me afterwards.  This time I was living alone in an apartment.  I woke up from a seizure on the floor.  I could not move at all and was freezing.  There was a carpet on the floor that I was able to pull over me to keep warm.  Once I gathered enough strength I was able to crawl across the room to call my mom.  Sad huh?
After that seizure I knew my body could not go through it again. The weirdest feeling I've ever experienced is that calm in knowing that I may not survive the next one.
Well I didn't have another seizure again for over a year.  It was almost like my body was telling my brain, no more, let her rest!  I will never forget that feeling for the rest of my life....

Today the lovely Jacki from Adventures in Acetone sent me her purple mani.  I have to say this girl seems sooooo sweet.  I'm sure you all are following her already but if should! She is so talented and she makes the cutest nails.  I love her There's a zoo on my nails mani


  1. "like my body was telling my brain, no more, let her rest" - yes, that's exactly what I thought! horrible story :(

  2. OHMG that must have been scary.....
    I love your thumb and Jacki's mani too!

  3. hope you never have another seizure again!
    lovely manicures :D
    i'm definitely wearing something purple today, it's purple day in croatia too :D

  4. Aw friend, my hubby suffered from epilepsy as a child, but grew out of having seizures and I'm always worried he's going to randomly have a seizure one day. His brother suffers from epilepsy and it's very bad, he's gotten pretty beaten up by falling while having a seizure, it's scary. I'm thankful you have a supportive network around you, your hubby and mom sound amazing! My last mani is up tomorrow, thanks so much for sharing, you are one amazaballs woman!!!

  5. aww man I do not even want to look at that stat. I'm sure it's different depending on the type of seizure but regardless it would be scary I'm sure. I was the same way when I was 20, at least for awhile, multiple seizures every day. Glad we've both been fortunate to have people watch out for us! Not everyone is so lucky.


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