Friday, 1 March 2013


Hi All

March is Epilepsy awareness month here in Canada.  Being epileptic myself this year I thought I would get involved and give back

I’ve started to volunteer at my local epilepsy support centre.  So far I’ve just started pining ribbons like the one in my photo. It's harder than you think. The ribbon is really thick!!  I plan on having a pinning party with my family.  There just going to love that!

March 26th is International Purple Day.  Countries around the world join in supporting the cause by wearing purple.  Upon my visit to get started with volunteering I learnt that there is something that totally pertains to me on that day(other than epilepsy) ‘Thumbs up for Epilepsy Awarness’.  All you have to do is paint your thumb purple!  Awesome right??

 For the next month I will only be posting purple manicures along with some Epilepsy facts and maybe some stories. I have not decided if I will be taking full manicure pictures or just thumbs. Suggestions?

What I ask of  you is to  paint your nails (or thumbs) purple and  send me a pick at  As I get them I will post within my daily posts. If you have a link to a blog or facebook page I will make sure to add it. 
Help me support a cause so close to my heart!

Love ya all


  1. This is so lovely, and a great cause!

  2. I didn't know that March 26th was international purple day. It would be nice some facts. And about the pictures, thumb sounds nice to me, that way you can show the purple bow, like now :)

  3. Great cause and interesting way of spreading the word :)

  4. What a great idea! Although I don't like purple at all I am excited about your posts! Maybe I can join you and send you my purple thumb...
    I would just show thumb pictures - full manicures aren't that special and just thumbs are great for this special thing :)
    Pleeeease excuse my weird english...

  5. awesome, I'm looking forward to seeing your posts this month as I too have epilepsy. Here in the US it's National Brain Injury Awareness month so I'll be participating in that.. seems like good timing since Epilepsy and brain injuries go hand in hand too often.

  6. I'm in friend!! In fact, I've got purple on my nails right now!!! I want to see your whole mani AND a thumb shot!!! Lol

  7. So great you got involved with this cause.

  8. lovely manicure for great cause :D


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