Monday, 4 March 2013

Thumbs up to Epilepsy Awarness-Myths of Epilepsy

Hi folks!
Another purple thumb for you today in support of Epilepsy awareness month.  Please remember to email me your purple manis so I can post within my post.

Below I have written down a couple myths/misconceptions about Epilepsy.  There is a huge stigma when it comes to Epilepsy. I think every person with epilepsy gets a little pissed when people make ridiculous assumptions

MYTH :You can swallow your tongue while having a seizure.  
For those of you who took biology or have a tongue of your own you will notice that its connected to the bottom of your mouth.(if you sense sarcasm its because I'm laying it on pretty thick)

MYTH: People with Epilepsy are disabled
 People with Epilepsy have the same range of intelligence and abilities as everyone else.  Physically and mentally we are no different!

MYTH: Epilepsy is a disease
 Epilepsy is chronic medical condition. You can not catch it

MYTH:  You can’t die from epilepsy 
You can! Prolonged seizures can result in death. 

I received an email from Zana at NailCrazy with her lovely purple mani. Go check it out!!!


  1. A gorgeous mani for a great cause - I really love the pattern and colors used!

  2. very pretty manicure and I do like that you've done this facts page.. I would just like to add that for some individuals, epilepsy CAN be disabling. Epilepsy is different with each of us. When my seizures were not under control, I was having multiple seizures every day so yes, then I was disabled. It can also effect intelligence and learning; I know this first hand.

    haha one more myth for you: throwing cold water on a person having a seizure doesn't work. I was told by someone who claimed to have epilepsy that this was how to snap her out of her seizures (she didn't have epilepsy, she was just a drug addict.)

    1. Hey Melanie
      I meant more in general as far as disabled. The effects of epilepsy(seizures) can be disabling. In day to day life if under control we are no different. The same is with intelligence. We have that ability but sometimes epilepsy can hold us back a bit. I know a doctor with epilepsy which is pretty awesome. :) I think that the stigma surrounding epilepsy has caused people to assume certain things.(mentally disabled or challenged)
      You are very well written in your comment as well as knowledge. Your sound intelligent to me girl! ;)

    2. Oh I knew what you meant, I just wanted to help clarify a little bit for readers who might not know or understand ;) haha thanks, I do OK all things considered.

  3. love the facts :) great cause! pretty thumbs up mani, i also loved the mani from Zana


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