Friday, 22 March 2013

Epilepsy & Creativity- Epilepsy Awareness Month

Happy Friday folks!

I was searching the web trying to find something to post for Epilepsy Awareness.  Often I come by the subjects of 'epilepsy and creativity' and 'epilepsy and genius'. It's a debate on the genius aspect but as far as creativity there is alot more evidence.

The best way to describe what is going on in the brain during a seizure is a sort of electrical storm.  It's almost as though this electrical activity brings to life or activates parts of the brain.  During a seizure you can see how it physically effects the body but it also effects our sense perceptions, memory, emotion, creativity....everything. Many have claimed to see this in themselves and others.

Someday we will know for sure. It's a fact that a seizure effects the whole brain. Just because we can't see the emotional or sensory effects does not mean they aren't there.

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