Friday, 15 March 2013

Thank you for your Support-Epilepsy Awareness

I want to thank all of you for your purple mani's and comments so far.  I decided to leave my thumb out for the day and just show the pictures I've received recently.

Their is such a huge stigma associated with epilepsy which causes most people affected to keep it to themselves.  I wanted to educate people on this but I have to tell you I've been schooled myself :o)

A lot of the comments people have made are to say they know someone with epilepsy.  Not to get mushy or anything but it has touched my heart.  I didn't realize how alone I felt about having epilepsy because I have no one to relate to.  The fact is I do and they are just in hiding.  With the help of all of you were making it known that this is something more common than people think.  The misconceptions have to be corrected so none of us have to be embarrassed any longer

So thank you to all for opening my eyes that even though I'm not alone I feel alone.  So lets change that! This series of awareness posts may not be much....but it something!

First up a dried flower purple mani from the lovely Fairly Charming.  I have to say that I have never seen dried flowers looking this good on a mani.  She is so talented. Make sure to go check her out 

 Up next the brandspankin new to blogging  UKNailRunner.  I'm using two of her purple mani's which are equally awesome.  Please go have a look see at  UKNailRunner.

...and of course my lil' buddy Nicole gets Nailed. She is doing a purple mani for me every Wednesday.  Her totally rad manicures and pretty hilarious personality makes her a must follow blog

And last but definitely not least.....Me,Myself & Polish.  She does a bit of everything which is so awesome.   I'm loving her holographic and nail stamping. Check it out here


Thank you for any comments. I read each one and love the feedback