Sunday, 26 August 2012

31 Day Challenge: Yellow

I have to start off with and angry sad face......:o(

I had so many problems with my yellow nail polish.  All of them were giving me a hard time.  I used thinner in some but nothing worked.  So frustrating!

Finally I decided forget the free hand I'm using a stamp! Thank goodness because it helped cover up some of the streaky grossness(not a real word but it fits) of the yellow. I ended up really liking it

Indirect light

Direct sunlight

I used two coats of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow.  It's co-operated with me in the past but not this time. Then I stamped over with Konad image plate M65.  This is by far my favourite stamp.  Who doesn't love argyle!  It's especially adorable on little baby clothes.  Miniature argyle sweaters??..... Yes please!

Here is one of my fails.... I just was not a fan of it at all

Make sure to check out the other ladies yellow nails!


  1. Looks great!
    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, here:

  2. Must have been something in the air! I had so many issues with my yellow polish. Came lose to taking a flamethrower to it (if I owned a flamethrower!).

    I love the argyle! Looks awesome!!!

  3. So called fails are just a step in a learning curve, so fails are good LOL The argyle yellow/black sweater is cute :)

  4. That argyle image is a great one, and it really makes this mani!

    It's a hoot that so many of us had probs with our yellow polishes. FWIW, I'm sooooo glad this part of the challenge is over. :)

  5. they are both cute! I Really like the first one the most gosh how do you stamp so evenly and perfect!

  6. I love the argyle stamped mani!! It looks so good!! The other one reminds me of fried eggs!! Lol

  7. Your stamping is great! What polish did you use to stamp with?

    1. I used Finger Paints black. It is amazing for stamping. I keep it just for the use of stamping

    2. Thanks! I need a good stamping polish. I'll need to go pick some up. :)

  8. ooo i love the stamp on the first mani! very pretty! :D

  9. I have two bottles of that crap - one I made into an awful franken and the other sits at the very back of my stash. I've actually had issues with all of my polishes that are that brand. Oh well, it's cheap and I like cheap! And I guess I like this mani too ;)

  10. I love the yellow and black argyle!! I have issues with all of the Xtreme Wear polishes. They seem to be nice the very first time you use them and then they just are a clumpy mess after that. They are definitely ones that I need to move off my rack because I never, ever reach for them anymore.


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