Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just Blue Colour Blocking

Hi All

Lucky me, I have my puppy Casey with me at work today.  He got the old 'snip snip' yesterday.  :os He had a check up first thing this morning so I just decided to bring him in afterwards.  He's licking a little too much and I forgot his cone so I'm keeping a very close eye on the little rascal.    

On to the nails....  It was a lot of fiddle work to accomplish this look.  I’m a little frustrated that all the nails are not exactly the same. However the only time it is noticeable is in this picture.  (I’m very critical of myself by the way)

I started off with two coats of Gosh nail polish in ‘Blue Balloon’ over the entire nail.  I then used two pieces of striping tape to create a cross.  That left me with three triangles to have a little fun with. The triangles going clockwise from the left are Quo by Orly in ‘The Blue Box’, Finger Paints ‘Inkblot Blue’ and  Quo by Orly in ‘Blue Skies’. After filling in the triangles and taking off the striping tape it looked a little messy. I used two more pieces of the tape to define the triangles and some top coat.  Voila!!! 

I can’t wait for my coloured stripping tape to arrive. I love the crisp clean look it adds to nails


  1. this looks great!! What a fun manicure.

  2. amazing colour blocking! This looks so good :)

  3. So cool! I keep wanting to do a color block like this because they are so awesome but I struggle keeping the polish within the bounds of the striping tape - its so narrow! I feel like a little kid who can't color inside the lines : )

  4. It's always fun to bring a dog to work LOL
    The mani is super nice :)

  5. I love them! I especially like how you used different shades of blue!

    Have fun with your dog! :)

  6. I really like this, looks really good x

  7. Yah, I totally noticed all your nails are not the same - talk about total FAIL!

    NOT!!! You are CRAY CRAY!! Actually I'm totally the same way, that's why I like you so much :)

    These are neat and I can only imagine how fiddly they would be - I just did my first taped chevron mani last night and it was PAINFUL!

  8. Love this! I need to get some striping tape. :)


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