Monday, 13 August 2012

Tickle Trunk Nails with Casey and Finnegan - Canadian nail art!

If your Canadian and you don’t get the post title shame on you ;o) 

I created this manicure over a month ago.  I wanted to hold off on posting it until I had more Canadian followers.  Well today’s the day!

To give a quick summary these nails are based on a toy trunk that from a Canadian children’s show Mr. Dressup.  Mr. Dressup would sing songs, tell stories, and make crafts. He did this with the help of his friends(puppets) Casey and Finnegan, a child and a dog who lived in a tree house in the back yard.  One of the segments would be where Mr. Dressup would get a costume out of the ‘Tickle Trunk’ for an imagination game.

Seeing I cannot recreate the Canadian flag on my nails for the life of me I thought this would be a great alternative. It screams Canada!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I have two dogs.  We named our 2 ½ year old border collie/a bunch of other breed mix Finnegan. In March we got a four month old golden retriever/rough collie mix at the humane society and of course had to name him Casey :o) (and yes they do have a tickle trunk for their toys)

If your Canadian please feel free to share this proud to be Canadian nail art either by blog, twitter or facebook.  :o)



Mr. Dressup's Tickle trunk
Everything used was Sally Hansen.  The base colour is Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Red-y to go purchased for 5 buckaroos at


  1. looks really cool for summer, love it!

  2. I just realized I accidentally followed you twice! haha! I just started following via the Google+ member thing on the side and didn't see myself there so did that and then realized I already saw this mani in my blog reel this morning! Silly me :)

  3. This is amazingly cute nail art, great job

  4. LOL it looks like an exact match - well done!


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