Friday, 17 August 2012

Julep Maven Introductory Box- It Girl

Happy Friday!
What an amazing way to start a Friday.  I was locking up the house to go to work and noticed something in the mailbox.  It was my introductory box to Julep Maven!  I subscribed at the beginning of August so it took about two weeks to get here.  I had a subscription to Glossy Box but was rather disappointed with it.  I decided to switch beauty boxes because I knew I would be getting something I liked each month!  Of course in the last Glossy Box I received there was a bottle of Zoya nail polish.  :oP I also managed to snag my sister-in-laws polish

Like anything else I get into I researched a bit on Google first.  I read mixed reviews so decided to take the chance.  As I’m sure most of you know you have to take a quiz on the website to see what beauty category you are in. This part I’m not a huge fan of.  Nails are the one thing I can go a little crazy with.  Apparently I’m ‘Classic with a Twist’ but decided to go with the ‘It Girl’ introductory box. Not just because I liked the colours but because it was the only one with three polishes. 

I’ve swatched the three polishes below.  Yes, I did this as soon as I got to work.  From left to right we have Blake, Claire and Morgan.  I’m not a huge fan of Morgan because I’m not a huge shimmer fan.  I loooove Claire though.

Sorry for the picture quality.  They had to be taken with my phone

This is not the only thing that is making a happy Friday. I’m also getting some Konad polishes and stamping plates today.  I’m buying them from someone on Kijiji(Canadian site almost like Craig’s list minus the psycho murdering crazies).  They’ll be here sooooon :o)


Quick run down…..
Double sided stamp set
Image plates M19, M64, M62
11ml bottles in white and a dark shimmer green
5 ml bottles in silver, pink, purple and blue.

Also, because I'm a crazy dog lover I just wanted to show a pick of my puppy Casey! He had his manhood snipped off Wednesday.  It's the funniest thing watching him trying to manuver around the house with the huge cone

Finnegan is being very supportive!


  1. Claire is pretty, I like Blake too! and your puppy is adorableeee

  2. I have been thinking about subscribing to Julep, maybe I will give it a go. Cute puppies!

    1. For sure you should! I'm so excited for the next one

  3. Poor puppy puppy is a eunuch too, lol. I love Claire, very pretty blue.

  4. I adore those 3 colors, Blake is just - siiiigh, oh so nice :)
    It's good to have Casey back home :)

  5. Oh my god, those colours are sooo lovely!
    Adorable pup!
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  6. Definitely enjoying your content, I will be looking to your blog for inspiration for my next manicure! Thanks for your support (followed back)


  7. Lovely shades! cute doggy :)

  8. Hey there,

    I'm guessing that you got the It Girl intro box?! Yay, that one is usually my favorite. Which Julep color do you love the most? Are you excited for the Trina Turk collection, if so which box are you going to get?

    Julep Maven Team
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    1. So far Claire is my fav. I'm going with It Girl again and I've added on Gunta. Can't wait!

  9. If that box was the one with the most polishes, you made the right pick for sure. And bonus, those are all cute on you!

    Awww, I hope your Casey puppy gets to feeling better.



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