Sunday, 19 August 2012

Black & White/Shiny & Matt

This weeks Sunday homework assignment was black & white.  Of course the first thing that came to my mind was polka dots.  I was able to refrain from it though.

I'm a little later on posting than usual so have had a chance to see Nicole Gets Nailed first.  Please check out her Dotty French.  It's amazing! I did not put as much effort in to mine and now I regret it.  :oP

To begin I painted just the tips of my nails in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 'White On'.  I then used two pieces of striping tape across the white section and covered the full nail in Rimmel's 'Black Satin'.  Before letting it dry completely I pulled off the striping tape exposing the white underneath.

I've showed a pick with Gosh's matt top coat and one with nothing.  If I were to leave it shiny I would definitely use a top coat. It gets a little bumpy where the tape is taken off

Which one do you guys prefer? I'm really liking the matt top coat on black in general. 


  1. I love this, very simple and elegant. The shiny speaks to me more, but the matte looks pretty too - don't make me decide!!!

  2. Elegant and nice - I think I prefer the matte...

  3. Really slick and striking in the matte and definitely an inspiring fall nail art look.


  4. I love black in matte! Its! Plus it make shorter nails look better with the color I think! But they both look great!


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