Sunday, 18 November 2012

31 Day Challenge: Re-Create Favorite Challenge

Final day Folks :o(  I've had an amazing time doing this challenge.  Doing it every third day has given us so much more freedom.  A huge thank you to Kimber at Kimber's Lacquer Korner for getting together this group of amazing girls.  Christmas is fast approaching so hopefully we can come up with a challenge to celebrate the season!

I couldn't decide which challenge was my favourite so I decided to do a couple

TRIBAL NAILS (sort of)

My husband somehow deleted my photo.  Can you believe it?!  ARGH!!!Final day and he ruined it. lol I obviously typed everything up above before realizing this.  So I've decided to post the nails I had the most fun with.

Kimber at Kimber's Lacquer Korner
-Kat at Hooked On Polish
-Diana at Nails By Diana
-Aly at Wonderland Beauty
-Meredith at Perfectly Polished
-Nicole at The Color Republic
-Kate at The Painted Pony Nails
-Cee at Absolutely Cee
-Sam at Polished Art
-Nail Narcotics
-Nicole at Nicole Gets Nailed
-Shelby at Shelby's Swatches
-Stephanie Louise at All Things Beautiful
-Mixed Mama
-Joanna @ Sweet Polish of Mine
-Patty Greenberg
-Liz and Lisa @ Lozlosa
-Mari at Nailista
-Greta at How Was Your Day?
-Miss L at Beauty by Miss L
-Gini at Sassy Paints
-Chameleon Stampede
-Pam at Nail-E-Glance
-Me, Myself, and Polish
- Robin Sparkles 


  1. Ahh bummer! But those look fantastic! Time consuming and perfect, I have to say I totally envy your skills :D

  2. Darn - but this photos gives a good view of a very lovely mani!

  3. you did an excellent job on this mani!!!

  4. Gorgeous! Love this! You did a great job. :)

  5. This is such an awesome mani! I'd love to try and re-create this, but there is no way I could do it justice! Your lines are perfect!!!

  6. Does your husband not know to stay away from the nail photos?!? At least he didn't delete ALL your photos and music and entire operating system so your computer doesn't work anymore, ya, that happened to me!! This mani was really great, high five!

  7. Geez, husbands! What WAS he thinking? LOL!

    Hey, can you believe it's over?

    Becca, it's been such a treat working with you on this challenge. I've enjoyed watching you tackle the tough ones! You've inspired me with each and every post!

    This tribal of yours is one of my absolute favorites (one of those that I've adored but couldn't even BEGIN to conceive doing myself with my current skills)!

    Hugs, honey! Keep on keepin' on. You're on our blogroll, and we look forward to all of your fab nail posts!


  8. Sigh.. hubbies. XD I understand why you picked this mani, it's so super fun to look at and its so pretty! I've had so much fun doing this with you and the others, thanks for the great time! :D

  9. oww cute <3

  10. OMG, how much time did it take to finish this manicure? Looks gorgeous!

  11. oh gosh! to bad about the photo. Love those nails tho, they look great! :)

  12. hope you made him pay for that sin ;)
    but that manicure is unbelievable, love it *.*


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