Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Revlon 'Whimsical' and 'Scandalous'

I figured I’d make this the first of two post today. Chances of me posting tomorrow are slim to none seeing were moving.

Last night I did two swatches of Revlon Nail polish in ‘Whimsical’ and ‘Scandalous’.  So long story to these nail polishes.  Before attempting my first jelly sandwich manicure I was searching the web looking at them.  Whimsical seemed to come up a lot.  All of the sudden I needed it! It’s funny because I can recall seeing it at Shoppers Drug Mart and every other place I went with polish.  I thought to myself who would by this(this is pre nail obsession)  Well once I saw the jelly sandwiches I needed it! Of course when I went to buy it it was nowhere to be found. I went to a couple different Shoppers Drug Mart, drugstores and even Walmart. I don’t like to buy things from Walmart so that’s proof enough how much I wanted it.  

Well finally I found it at well.ca I put it in the shopping cart but waited while I surfed the rest of the site.  When I went to checkout they said it was no longer available :o( Finally a week later they had it back and I ordered it along with Revlon ‘Scandalous’.  I was sooooo happy.
 got it in yesterday!  I had to try it right away(at work).  Three coats on of ‘Whimsical’ and it was looking pretty crappy. I figured I’d need a coat of colour first anyway.  So when I got home I put on a base of Nicole’s ‘Baby’.  I also had to put on a top coat because Whimsical did not have a very nice finish.  I’m still happy with it though.  What do you guys think? Was it worth the hassle?

Sorry the picture is a little blurry

For Revlon 'Scandalous' I used a purple base.  Don't ask me which one because I forget ;oP


  1. the blue with glitter is GORGEOUS! definitely trying that combo out <3

  2. I love both these polishes so much!

  3. Whimsical is so pretty I always want to have that polish

  4. I recently purchased Whimsical and I love it! It is so gorgeous :)

  5. I was EXACTLY like you, seeing and thinking oh god that is awful, but seeing it on and researching jelly sandwiches for your evil homework and I really like the look. And I've always wanted to try the purple one. Now every time I look for both, they are never there! Bloody murphy's law!!

  6. I have whimsical too and it is a pain to put on. I really like the result on you, though :)

  7. Glitter sandwiches are fun and super easy. I'm not a fan of Walmart either...

  8. I have scandalous from when it was called "Facets of Fuchsia". I found it chipped pretty quickly on me. How did it fare with you? I love Whimsical. It's glitter but it's not totally in your face, it's just the right amount of bling to freshen up a stale manicure.

    1. I can see how it would probably chip. I only had it on long enough to take pictures :oP

  9. The baby blue nails are adorable!

    Thanks for you comment! The chocolate dipped nail has been so popular lately =)


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