Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Do It Yourself Caviar Nails!

Caviar or fishy egg nails seem to be the big buzz in nail art right now.  It's not something I would buy as a set.  However the other day when I was going to pick up some dog treats at my local dollar store I came across a package of micro beads. Seeing they only cost a $1.00 I thought I would give it a shot.   

What you’ll need:
Small bowl to catch excess beads
Base & top coat
Nail colour of your choice
Cotton swab 

Package of 6 glass viles of microbeads -ONLY 1 DOLLAR!

First I applied my base coat and one coat of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion.  

 I then applied my second coat and right away poured the microbeads on.  I had to turn my finger as I poured to make sure that they attached on the sides.  (sorry for the blurry picture. I only had one chance at capturing it)

Then I just patted them down to make sure they were secure Next I used my cotton swab to remove any excess beads around the cuticles and sides of nails.

Last step was to apply a bit of top coat to the tip of my finger nails.  I did this to make sure they were extra secure at the tip.  I suppose you could put it all over the nail but I think it would take away from the overall effect. Surprisingly they stayed on better than expected. 

I used Essie's top coat No Chips Ahead for the tip of the nails

A couple strays came off here or there but other than that I was quite impressed.  I didn’t think this look was for me but the more I played around with them the more I liked it.   For just a dollar I suggest anyone to try it out.

I used Revlon nail laquer in Posh for this attempt


  1. Great idea, and I love that it's cheap! That's my kinda mani! Are you on twitter as well??? Great background, by the way!!


    1. lol. Thanks ;o)
      I'm not on Twitter yet. Is it a good idea to do that? I was thinking of trying youtube videos but I have a bit of a man voice :o(
      I'm still new to all this stuff and am still trying to figure out blogger

    2. So funny, that I just read this response right now - why do I get no email saying you responded - dumb!! I doubt you have a man voice, funny duck!! Twitter is super great, there's a ton of nail bloggers on there that are super duper supportive!!

    3. I googled how that works today. I'm trying to find out if people reply to my posts on there blog. I can't find it anywhere

  2. Aww thank you. It's sooo easy too!

  3. These are so beautiful, I love it!

  4. i really like this idea!
    and the colors are pretty to!


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