Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nfu Oh 61

I couldnt' help it! I had to swatch this polish. I saw it awhile ago on the Internet during my travels and just had to buy a bottle. I'd never heard of Nfu Oh(remember I'm new) and these amazing holographic polishs.  I'm still in aww every time I see them.
I purchased this bottle of course from When I got it I thought they had sent me the wrong bottle because it looks just silver and blah. Even when I took it in the sunlight it still looked very disappointing.
Well then I tried it on my nails.  T'was love at first sight. I can't believe the effect it makes.  It looks as though it should be a strip or sticker but it's not!  I should of taken pictures when I first tried it on. It was very sunny and I got the full effect.  It's clouded over....again so these pictures do not do it all. 

In the below picture you can see what it looks like in the shade.  My pinky finger does not look all that impressive.  Of course it still does have some effect just not pictured here.

It is also the most beautiful nail polish bottle I have ever seen.  So unique!


  1. Cool! It looks like a hologram type of nail polish .

    Gives you a 3D light effect and the spectrum colors.

  2. I love holographic polishes!

  3. This nail varnish is amazing! Definitely getting myself some! Looks really good xx


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