Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Make Your Own Nail Polish......Attempt 1!!!

I thought I would share my first attempt to create my own nail polish. It was a good learning experience because I've learnt what not to do!

What you'll need
Clear nail polish, eye shadow, glitter, a piece of paper and a tooth pick

I used mac mineral powder to get a bit of a sheen. For the glitter I used some small viles that I got at the dollar store awhile back.  I think these actually were intended for nail art.  For my clear polish I used an old bottle of Borghese.

First I rolled up my piece of paper to make a funnel for the powder and glitter to go through.  Then I started with the Mac mineral powder.  I was impressed at how little I needed to get that pearly sheen.

 Next , in with the glitter!

Everything just sank to the bottom as I suspected it would.  

I shook the bottle for about a minute as well as used the toothpick to stir. This helped mix up the glitter/powder as well as gave my flabby arms a work out ;o)....and VOILA!!

 Alot of the colour came out of the sparkles.  I guess I should not of expected too much as they were from the dollar store.   The pearly shine is beautiful though.  Of course pictures never do nail polish justice

And finally application!!! This is three coats.  I could of added more of the mineral powder but then the sparkles would not of shown up at all.  The longer they are in the bottle the more iridescent the sparkles have become

All in all it was pretty fun! Note to self quality sparkles!!!


  1. Ahh the little chemist professor is on the loose LOL - how fun!
    It's nice and would be a great layering polish.
    You can buy the steel balls that are in some polishes on ebay.

  2. I refuse to show my own franken - I didn't include any glitter, but mixed existing polish colors - it is the ugliest color ever, it reminds me of baby poop, the explosive kind!! Are you on twitter yet??

    1. lol. I was thinking of trying colours but I knew that it would end up looking like some form of poop.
      I'm going to sign up for Twitter today at work. I'll let ya know when I'm good to go!

    2. Yay!! You could do a whole baby poop line? Don't know how well that would sell though!!

    3. Not just baby poop...any kinds of poop. You name the poop I'll do it :oP

  3. That is a beautiful color - you should try that over a nice nude or white!

  4. That would be lovely over black. I bet you have been bitten by the bug now though. I started frankening about 6 months ago and currently own about 10. I just can't help it! :)

  5. i've not seen anyone do this before so i found it really interesting :) nice colour


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