Friday, 20 July 2012

American Apparel Nail Polish? Say whaaat?

I was researching the ‘jelly sandwich’ and came across a blog that used American Apparel glitter nail polish.    I really liked the looks of the big glitter so I thought I would stroll up there on my lunch break. I would have had no idea that they sold nail polish.  Not a fan of the clothes but that’s a rant for another day…….like why are these clothes so expensive anyways?  Who pays $30.00 for a unisex big pocket tank.  I can find the same style and quality at a thrift store….don’t even get me started on Urban Outfitters.....Apologies :oP
So back to my story. I picked these up and thought I would do a swatch to see what they were like.  Here in Canada they were 3 for $18.00. Probably the most expensive in all the 20 something countries they sell in.  The colours  from right to left are :

Meteor shower, Galaxy and Light Year

Each of the swatches I did are two coats.  So to sum it up I do like these polishes but only because I would use them for a certain purpose….the Jelly Sandwich manicure. Hope to get to that this weekend. Wish me luck!!!
To see more of a review and some great pictures check out It’s a great blog with a lot of fun manicures


  1. Aw, thanks for the blog love. I'm jealous... your Galaxy looks SO MUCH less taco-ed than mine! The bottle shot looks like normal flat glitter, even.


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