Saturday, 14 July 2012

Clearance Bin Score!

I had to run out today to get a few things a Shopper's Drug Mart.  Of course I had to take a quick stroll through the nail polish isle.  I was very proud of myself for not picking anything up.  This is something new to me. ;o)
I was pretty proud of myself standing in the line up holding just what I came for....and then....out of the corner of my eye......I spotted it.....the clearance bin.  I couldn't help myself so I went to take a look see.  Quo by Orly for $3.00! Usually it runs ten bucks a bottle.  Thank goodness for my mom being there or else I wouldn't of stopped at three.  Below are two of my three picks.
The first one is Quo by Orly in 'The Blue Box'.  The second is Quo as well in 'Tease'.  I was really impressed by both of these polishes

I decided to add a little fun to the blue.  I stamped it using a Nailene stamping plate.  I'm not a fan of Nailene's but I love the image.  It was actually the first time it worked so well for me.  That's not to say there wasn't pieces missing though.

I'll be getting new Konad stamping plates in the mail soon. Be preparded for lots and lots of stamping photos!

p.s.  That's my 9 month 75lbs puppy in the background ;o)


  1. Some lovely colors you bought there - I vividly imagine the scenario in the shop LOL
    PS it would be fantastic if you removed the word verification thing that your commentators has to go through to be allowed to leave a comment...

    1. I did not know that came up . lol. I'll try and figure out how to take it off today. Thank you again.

  2. Very pretty manicure. I also want to take the opportunity to invite you to check out my blog. I am running a giveaway of 3 Barry m nail polishes. Have a nice weekend :)


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