Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lemon & Lime Fizz Nails

Once again I was playing around with my dotting tool. :oP  I had bought the below polishs from Avon. We all know that person that guilts you in to buying avon product.  To be honest I was pretty impressed with it. Both application and coverage were pretty good.  For some reason this design reminded me of Lemon/Lime pop.  You know the no name cans you get from the grocery store?  Maybe its the dots the remind me of the fizzy carbination.  I really don't know but thats all that came to my mind. 


AVON Nail Wear Pro in 'Sunshine'

AVON Nail Wear Pro in 'Absinthe'


  1. It's a very nice dotticure with great colors :)

  2. Thank you. I ordered a set of 5 dotters today! I only have one so I'm limited right now. I'm going to go nuts when I get them. I also ordered stripping tape which I've never used and my first bottle of Nfu Oh!

  3. Very nice dotting design. Love the green shade.


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